Mortgage Rates & Options

Limited time offer
2 Year Closed Mortgage @ 1.69%

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Fixed and Variable Most Popular Rates 

2 Year


3 Year


5 Year



Prime Rate

*Current as of July 19, 2021

 Mortgage Rates

Open Mortgage

Is flexibility important to you?
Make extra payments anytime, any amount or roll into a closed mortgage whenever you wish.
Take advantage of this open mortgage option today.
Economy Mortgage

Want to prepay your mortgage?
Receive benefit of lowest fixed rate with up to 10% prepayment privileges; along with up to increase of 10% on your regular payment!
Everyday Value Mortgage 
For those who want to become mortgage free faster! Get a competitive rate, up to 20% prepayment of the original principal balance, plus 20% increase in your payment without penalty.
Safe at Home Mortgage
Do you want a low payment with a capped rate?
This allows you to set your payment low combined with the safety of a capped rate. 
High Ratio Financing
A downpayment of 5% is all you need to get into your new home when financing through Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation or Sagen.
Option to take the mortgage for a 25 year amortization period.
Conventional Financing
Save on interest costs, high ratio premiums, and pay off your mortgage faster by putting at least 20% down!
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