Community Values

An option made just for Non-Profits

To open a new account, visit us in-branch!
Community Values Account (Non-Profit)
Account for registered charitable and community improvement organizations.

*Organizations must provide copies of minutes of meeting for the authorized account opening.
*Any changes in signers and updates to the directors list thereafter, must be done y providing new minutes of meeting showing authorized changes.  

Required information for each signer:

  • Legal name, date of birth, mailing address, phone number, and 2 pieces of government issued Identification
Required information for directors:
  • Legal name, address, board position
We require a copy of the minutes where the signer change took place and it must be signed by majority of the board.
Documents must be completed within 30 days, with the new signers in place.

NOTE: changes are not in effect until all signers have signed applicable documents and they are complete at the Rocky Credit Union
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