Rocky Credit Union Board Committees

Responsible for governance, human resources, and board development.

  • To act on behalf of the board on all matters which need to be dealt with between board meetings.
  • To recommend board and committee member remuneration and expense reimbursement.
  • To review the CEO’s performance and compensation, and recommend action to the board.
  • To recommend the selection and terms of engagement of legal counsel and other external professionals which may be engaged by the board
  • To organize board planning processes and recommend director and volunteer development programs.
  • To review and recommend governance policies and procedures, expect those that are the responsibility of other committees of the board.
  • To carry out responsibilities delegated by the board in policies or at meetings of the board.

Responsible for oversight of audit, finance, and risk management.

  • To oversee internal and external audit, including appointment of auditors and review of audit reports.
  • To review budget proposals and financial reporting prior to board presentation.
  • To recommend policies and policy amendments relevant to the management of all components of financial risk.
  • To review the credit union’s enterprise risk management process.

Responsible for the oversight of credit risk management.

  • To delegate operational credit duties to the credit union’s operational credit committee.
  • To analyze reports from the operational credit committee within the provisions of legislation and policy.
  • To review lending procedures and recommend lending policies.
  • To make decisions on very large credit applications which exceed 20% of Rocky Credit Union’s capital.

Responsible for the legal, ethical and functional responsibilities of the board.

  • To ensure adequate governance policy development.
  • To provide recruitment strategies, training programs, and evaluation of board members' performance.
  • To monitor board activities.
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