Want a LOW Mortgage Rate and CASH BACK?

5 Year Fixed Term that allows up to 20% annual paydowns with a campaign Special rate of 4.85%. 
Plus additional CASH BACK annually with our Profit Share program

COLLABRIA Mastercard 
limited time offer on balance transfers!
We're here to help you get ahead with your finances.
Thats why we're offering a 3.9% interest rate on balance transfers for 6 months. 
PLUS, there is no balance transfer fee!
Want to save on taxes?
Get your RRSP today!  
Get a tax deduction when you contribute to your 

Any money you put in your  will be subtracted from your income, so you’ll pay less in taxes.
Our Youth & our Local Businesses
are the future!

Open a Youth Account for Chance to Win $100 Gift Card

of your choice to a local business.

All new youth accounts will be entered into a final draw October 31, 2023 for $500 Cash. 
We know what is important
to you!

See what sets Rocky Credit Union apart from the rest

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