Profit Share

The more products you hold with RCU  the more you earn!

We give back to our members! In 2021 we gave 10% of interest earned and interest paid back to our Members.     That's over $1,000,000 cash back to members in 2021!

2021 1.90% 10% 2.45%
2020 2.15% 10% 2.95%
2019 2.75% 10% 3.95%
2018 2.98% 5% 3.95%

What does that mean?

Here are some examples of what you could earn in Profit Share this year!

A Mortgage of $300,000 @ 1.99% = Approximately $600 Cash Back

An Investment of $100,000 @ 1.00% = Approximately $100 Cash Back

You earn dividends back on Common Shares you hold with Rocky Credit Union

With RCU common shares, you earn money!  In 2020 RCU paid a  2.15% dividend on your common shares. That's over $300,000 cash back in our member's wallets!

2020 2.15% 10% 2.95%
2019 2.75% 10% 3.95%
2018 2.98% 5% 3.95%

Financial Statements

Every year Rocky Credit Union reports its activities and financial results to its owners, you the members.  We are proud of how well we serve the financial needs of our membership, and of how we support our community through donations of money and staff time.  The Annual Report helps members know what the credit union is doing for them and the community.  


Rocky Credit Union members are represented by the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors is accountable to the members of Rocky Credit Union for directing the affairs of the credit union and maintaining policies. 

Rocky Credit Union Volunteers

Not only does Rocky Credit Union give back to our communities with donations, we take pride in being active volunteers within our communities.

Rocky Credit Union Staff volunteered over 882 hours of time in 2021!

2021 was a challenging year for volunteer efforts; however, we continued to give back to help our communities, youth,  & small businesses in many ways. 

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