Financial Literacy

We believe that everyone, young and old, should have a strong understanding about how to be financially responsible.

Scroll down to see a few of the school visits we've done that promote Financial Literacy!
Are you involved with a school, after-school program, or other youth group?
Rocky Credit Union works with Each One Teach One, a Canadian company that provides the material so that we can teach Financial Literacy Workshops. We offer over 15 workshop topics, such as basic budgeting, basic banking, and building good credit! These workshops can be adapted to fit the needs of your age group, whether they are Pre-Kindergarten or High School age. 

Email us at for more information, or to set up a workshop for your group!
Community Connections Child Care Centre
RCU happily hosted a group of Community Connections kids for a tour of our branch. Staff members showed them our coin rolling and counting machines, the teller stations, and the inside of the vault. The children learned about safety deposit boxes, the types of currency we keep on-hand, and the different types of bank accounts people can get.
Charlotte Small Elementary School
RCU went to Charlotte Small Elementary School to teach 5th and 6th grade students about creating a business model. The students had the opportunity to come up with their own idea for a business and then learn about how debt, interest rates, costs, pricing, and marketing could play a role in their business. 
West Central + St. Dominic High School
RCU attended West Central and St. Dominic Catholic High School's Career Day to showcase what types of career paths there are in banking. Our mentors explained all of the different job positions that make up a financial institution, and what kind of education, certifications, and experience an individual would need for each job.
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