Find the right borrowing solution tailored to your needs.

Borrowing is made easy at Rocky Credit Union


  • buying a home
  • buying my next property
  • first-time home buyer
  • switch my mortgage to Rocky Credit Union
  • refinance my mortgage 
  • renew my mortgage


    • Apply for a loan one time
    • Get the exact amount of money you need
    • Pay it back on a set schedule that works for your budget
    • Used for variety of needs; debt consolidation, buying something specific, or travel

      Lines of Credit 

      • Apply once for access to a specific amount of money and then utilize any amount, within your approved limit, at any time
      • Only pay interest on what you use 
      • Continue to use funds from your line of credit as you need it
      • Use for home improvements, emergency fund, wedding or special event
        Mortgage and Loan Insurance 
        Mortgage and Loan protection insurance helps relieve the pressure when times are tough. It protects you and your family if an unexpected event prevents you from making your payments.
        Why borrow with Rocky Credit Union? 

        We give profits back to our Members!

        In 2020 we gave back 10% of interest paid on loans and mortgages! 

        That is what sets up apart from the rest.

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