Personal FAQ

-No- Once the username is selected it cannot be changed. 
- If username is forgotten, you can use the forgot password recovery button.  you will be asked to enter your email or phone number that has been previously validated with us. Then confirm your password, and your username will be sent to your email or phone number.  
You can select the link 'forgotten password'.  You will be required to input another secure piece of Identification; and then will get link to reset via sms, text, or email.  If there is any issues with resetting, contact the branch for further assistance.
-Yes- Same day bill payments reversal is available. They can be viewed or deleted same day under the View Scheduled Payments. 
-Stop payment feature is just for a single cheque. The stop cheque is on the account for a period of 6 months.  If wanting it removed the member would have to contact the branch.
If wanting eft payments stopped, the member also has to contact the branch. 
-A favorite transaction is set up immediately after you have completed that transaction.  
-No- you cannot change the favorite transaction amount that is initially set. However, if you are using that transaction - the amount can be changed for that immediate transaction only.  It will always resort to the original saved favorite amount.
-No- Currently, individual accounts are the only accounts that can be opened.  If the member wishes to make it joint later, simply contact the branch to complete this.
-No- The US Credit Card can have the US account set up for auto payments or self payment via MyCardInfo. Contact the branch for the US account number, route and transit information to input for MyCardInfo. 
The re-occuring transaction will only show on the original account it was set up for the transaction to come out of.  If you are on that account- you will see this transaction set up.  
-No- If the favorite has been hidden, it will not be visible in the upper banner as a selection.
Any picture that is uploaded must be in JPEG or PNG file.
-Yes-There is an alert that is available for that.  It is a default alert that has been set up for all members under security alerts.   
At this time, the functionality is limited to chequing accounts only.
-Yes- by using the Print & Export feature on the website you can download or print records of your transactions.
NOTE: this feature is only available on the desktop website. This cannot be performed on the mobile app.
Visit the customize accounts option under the Accounts menu - members can select which account will display as their primary account. This will allow the selected account to display first on the member's dashboard as well as be the first option under the transaction and scheduled transfers menus.
Special characters are not allowed in the memo field. To successfully complete the transaction, the character need to be deleted and the SMS code needs to be resent.
The principal/interest breakdown on loans are not available on digital banking, but can be accessed via the member' e-statements.
Once a member uses a PAN to log into online banking - it will be connected to that particular PAN.  They now have the ability to log in using the username that they originally onboarded with instead of the 19 digit card number. 
Deposit alerts are triggered by: POS, ATM, or e-Transfers; not by an in-branch transaction.
You will have to go to the selected payment account you chose the payment to come from to view the scheduled payment you have set up. 
-Yes- prior to the completion of the multi currency transfer the member is able to see the exchange rate as well as what the converted dollar amount is.

Business FAQ

Do all signers have to onboard on a 2-to sign account?
No-all signers do not have to onboard.  Only the ones that will required access to online banking. For 2-to-sign accounts, at least 2 signers on the account must onboard.  The signers must login separately so that transactions can get approved online.
Only signers will have access to update contact information.
What is a delegate?
-people within a business whom have limited access to online banking accounts (not signers).  Signers can provide delegates with the ability to either read-only or initiate transactions.

Is there a maximum number of delegates per account?
-No- there is no maximum number of delegates that can be set up. Any  account signer can add, view or edit a delegate.

What is the difference between a read only and initiator delegate?
-Read-only can only view account activity in accounts you give them access to. 
-Initiator- can view accounts and initiate(set-up) transactions that must be approved by the signers.

Will my delegate see my personal accounts?
-No-delegates can only see the accounts you have given them access to on their own business login profile. 

Do I set up only a user name for the delegate?
-Yes-signers set up a username and profile for the delegate; and once saved the delegate will receive an email or text to click link to login and select their own password. Once the username has been selected it cannot be changed.

When a delegate gets locked out or forgets their password do they call the branch?
-No- they need to contact any Signer on the business account to reset them. They will do this through their delegate management.  

How can I permanently remove a delegate's access or delete?
-No-You can only lock access; not delete a delegate.  This is for audit purposes & to allow transparency to see who had access to perform a transaction at a certain period of time if required.

I have a duel-signature account. Do all transactions require two approvals?
-Yes- a duel-signature account requires approval from two authorized signers. If your delegate initiates a transaction to transfer funds, both signers must give their approval. 

What is a pending transaction?
-This is a transaction waiting for another signer to approve. If is a  2-to-sign account-then there must be 2 approvals before the transaction is complete.

Do I get notification if there is a pending transaction that needs approval?
-No- It is important for all signers to set up business account notifications for transactions; especially for the pending approval ones. 
Can I consolidate my personal profile and business profile?
-Yes- However, consolidation is possible ONLY through the business account profile  and not the personal profile.  You can log into your personal & business profile with 1 single login; and can switch between profile without logging out. 

Can a delegate consolidate the business profile with their personal?
-No- You must be a signer on the business account.

Is there a maximum number of consolidations you can add to your business profile?
-No- There are no maximum number of consolidations. Signers can consolidate an unlimited number of profiles as long as they have an e-agreement for each profile.

How do I remove a consolidated account? 
- Sign into your business profile.  Locate the profile you wish to delete- & select trash can icon. 
After profile consolidation -can a member still log into just one profile?
-Yes- Each profile can still be logged into independently with its unique username.

When are alerts sent out notifying that transactions are going to expire?
The transaction expires on day 7. The signer will get an alert notification (if they have set up) starting on day 5 and if not actioned again on day 6 and if not actioned, again on day 7.
Can Business members make CRA payments from the mobile app? 
No- CRA payments can only be made via the desktop application. Because of the complex nature of submitting CRA payments, the screens on a mobile device are not optimal for submitting these payments.
Will CRA payments migrate over in new online banking platform?
No- the business taxes information will not migrate over into new online platform; therefore, members will have to set them up again.  Members will receive an One Time Password when setting up their business taxes and paying them.
How can I transfer from my business to personal accounts  vice versa?
You will now use inter-member transfer option from whichever profile you are transferring from to complete the transfer.
The confirmation number will not appear after doing a recurring bill payment for small business.  The confirmation number will not display in online banking.
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