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Invest in your future today! Enjoy the tax benefit today! By contributing to an RRSP you can have peace of mind in knowing you'll be financially secure when it comes time to enjoy your retirement.

No matter what stage of life you're in, Rocky Credit Union can help you make the most of your allowable RRSP contributions with our wide variety of retirement investment products, RRSP loans, competitive interest rates and personalized service. Rates can been seen on the Rate Page.

Variable Rate RRSP

This type of retirement savings plan allows your investment to move with current interest trends. Flexibility to convert from a variable rate RRSP to a fixed rate RRSP is a key feature of this product.

Interest rates are reviewed and adjusted regularly so you benefit from the most competitive rate.

  • Maximize your return with convenient monthly deposits
  • Maximize your return on your retirement savings plan by making monthly contributions to our variable rate RRSP. This allows you to earn interest on your interest. Interest earned is compounded semi-annually and Rocky Credit Union can automatically transfer funds from your account to an RRSP.

Fixed Rate RRSP

A fixed rate RRSP provides the security of knowing your rate of return is guaranteed for a fixed period of time. Rocky Credit Union members can choose the option that best fits your retirement goals.

RRSP Loans

In addition to the tax savings, you may earn more interest on your contribution than the interest you pay on a loan with a reducing balance.

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*Please note all Registered Products are subject to a Transfer Out fee of $50.00*

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