NEW Service Fees

Effective August 1, 2021

US Drafts   $10

NSF fee   $40 per item 

Accommodation fee   $20 per item  

 Stop Payment fee  $15 per item 

Phone Balance Inquiry fee  $5

Wire fees:

    Alberta CU's  $15

    Canadian CU  $20

    Canadian Bank  $30

Safety Deposit Boxes:

    Small  $40 

    Medium  $60)

    Extra large  $160

      Vault  $200

Business transaction fees   $0.85     

Wealth Service

      Registered product transfer out fee  $100


Personal Accounts Brochure August 2021 click here

Commercial & Ag Accounts Brochure August 2021 click here


















Change in features/benefits

Premier account- implement a cap on Canadian Drafts at 3 (no previous cap) Rocky Youth Account
change to unlimited transfers (from 40 free & $.80 over 40) Pioneer Account waive statement fee for
seniors 75 & older (from $3)
Rocky Next Step Account change to unlimited etransfers (from 10 free & $1.50 over 10)

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