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Savings Accounts

Commercial High Interest Savings Account

Understanding the business you're in.

At Rocky Credit Union we understand your need to access competitive investment rates while maintaining control of cash flow for your business.

Get the rates without the hassle.

With the Rocky Credit Union High Interest Savings Account, you can take advantage of competitive interest rates, plus all the benefits of investing locally with Rocky Credit Union.

The more money your business holds in your High Interest Savings Account, the higher your rate of interest.  With each level in minimum monthly balance, all funds in your account earn the higher rate. 


Earn more with a higher minimum balance

  • Top @ $500,000 mmb
  • Mid @ $25,000  mmb
  • Base @ $5,000 mmb

Interest rates on the High Interest Savings Account are set and monitored on a regular basis to ensure they are competitive within the current market.

Daily interest is calculated on your closing balance and paid monthly to your account.

Check our current Rate Page for interest rates and detailed information on the Rocky Credit Union High Interest Savings Account.


Flexibility for cash management.

You have full control of the funds in your High Interest Savings Account via on-line banking, telephone banking, or in the branch.   That means you can take advantage of instant access when you need the funds or earn a day's worth of interest when you have surplus funds in your operating account.

Manage cash flow between your operating account and your High Interest Savings Account through on-line and telephone banking with unlimited free transfers. 

All other transactions — in-branch withdrawals and transfers, AFTs, and any bill payments — are $3 each. 

Cheques and MemberCard® debit cards are not available on the High Interest Savings Account.

Funds 100% guaranteed.

All High Interest Savings Account deposits, including interest, are 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation.


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