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Your employees can have their complete pay deposited to Rocky Credit Union and can utilize all of our products/services. This also decreases the burden on you, the employer, having to produce cheques.


CAFT (Customer Automated Funds Transfer)

If you have a payroll system in place that includes writing cheques, our electronic payroll deposits can make it easier for you and your employees.

RCU Electronic Payroll Advantages:
*   Use your current payroll system to calculate each 
      employee’s  payroll  amount; there is no need to 
      install or learn a new system.

*   Input your payroll information via our  highly secure
     website for deposit to your employees’  accounts at
     any Canadian financial institution.  If  you use a 
    compatible payroll software,  you can even upload the 
    details  directly from the  program. 

*   Perform your payroll any time, any where you have
     access to the Internet, for deposit on your assigned

*   Your total payroll is automatically debited from your 
      business account,  making it easier to reconcile.

*   Your employees will appreciate the convenience of
      having immediate access to their money on payday.

Rocky Credit Union Electronic Payroll Service Fees

  One time set up fee                        $50.00
  File processing                                 $5.00
  CAFT settlement                              $0.75
  Recall/reject                                     $35.00
  AFT deposit/debit                           $0.15
  Late file releases                            $20.00
  Password reset                               $15.00

RCU Electronic Payroll website Features:

*   Flexible user permission levels    
*   Audit trail
*   Email notifications
*   History File viewing
*   Auto Representment     
*   Multiple payment frequencies  

If you would like more information on this service please contact us at 403.845.2861 or by email


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