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March is Fraud Awareness Month

Rocky Credit Union has been warning members and the local community about various scams for decades.  Criminals used to have to commit fraud face to face, through letters, and sometimes over the phone.  This personal contact made committing fraud risky as contact was often traceable somehow, and many of these criminals did not travel too far from home.

A lot has changed over the past two decades.  Criminals now use long distance phoning, fake e-mails and websites (called phishing), and they don’t want to steal just your money because your identity is more valuable to the crooks.

Please be aware that Rocky Credit Union will never ask you for personal information through an e-mail and we ask over the phone only to identify we are speaking with the correct person.  You have the right to ask questions of us as well.

The following are links to several articles about fraud and scams that we have written on our blog (RCU Speak) over the past few years.  Please check them out, as you may be able to protect yourself or the information of someone you love.

Read the articles, and don't be afraid to call us at 403-845-2861 or e-mail us at to ask questions.  We want you to know what the criminals are most afraid of, correct information.

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Rocky Credit Union has posted the 1st quarter financials, ending January 31, 2015.

For past financials you can check out our Quarterly Financial page.

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Check out our February 2015 Newsletter to find out who was awarded the RCU Community Investment Fund Grants at our 70th Annual General Meeting.  You can also find out:

  • How RCU did in 2014,
  • What a TFSA really does for you,
  • How Country Blocking helps protect your information,
  • and what community groups we supported over the past 3 months.

You can find our past newsletters on our Newsletters Page.​

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There are many different types of loans available for when you are buying a vehicle, doing renovations, or getting rid of credit card debt.  But which one is best for you?  Meet with our Loan Stars, Brande, Gloria & Stacey, to find out what will best meet your needs.

You can talk with a Loan Star in person by calling 403-845-2861, or you can apply for a loan online with our Secure Online Loan Application.

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