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Member/Owner Information

As a financial co-operative, Rocky Credit Union is owned and controlled by the people we serve, our members.

As a member of Rocky Credit Union, you are entitled to exclusive benefits, such as member participation,  a 100% deposit guarantee, and Profit Sharing.

Participate in your credit union

The operations of Rocky Credit Union are governed by our Board of Directors, which consists of seven volunteers from our membership.  Directors meet 10 times per year to formulate and monitor policies and ensure objectives are met.  They are the representative voice of our members.

In the credit union system, all members are considered equals — one member has one vote.  This applies to elections to the board of directors, which are held annually with voting in-branch, and general meetings of the membership.

All members are welcome to attend our Annual General Meeting, held in early February.  At the annual meeting, you have the opportunity to ratify credit union by-laws and review the previous year's financial statements.

Our annual report and financial statements are available to all members, as well as un-audited quarterly financial statements.  To receive a copy of these documents, inquire at our Information Desk.


In order to conduct financial business with Rocky Credit Union, you must be a member.  Personal and business memberships require a minimum purchase of 5 Common Shares at a value of $1 per share.  Youth (under age 18) memberships are available with the purchase of 5 Common Shares.

In addition to access to Rocky Credit Union's financial products and services, your purchase of Common Shares are an investment and provide the opportunity for Profit Sharing.

Common Share Investment

Members may choose to invest more in Common Shares or RRSP Shares as part of their investment portfolio.  Each member may hold up to a maximum of $25,000 in non-registered Common Shares or RRSP Shares ($100 minimum).  All shares are eligible to earn dividends; historically Rocky Credit Union Common Share dividends have been higher than the current 5-year term deposit rate.

You may even be able to use an investment loan to maximize the potential of Common Shares.  For details on loan rates and terms, meet with your Account Officer.

As a member, you maintain ownership of all funds in your Common Share accounts.  Your annual December statement will show all Common Share activity.  Account history for RRSP Shares is also available on your semi-annual statement in June, as well as through on-line banking.

Common Shares are assured by the net worth of Rocky Credit Union, but are not guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation.

Managing Common Shares

Control of funds in Common Share accounts is retained by the Board of Directors, as governed by the by-laws of Rocky Credit Union.  This ensures stability in equity, which is the foundation or long-term security of your financial institution.

Upon written application from a member, the Board of Directors may approve the redemption of non-registered Common Shares in the following instances:

  1. the death of a shareholder
  2. the winding up of a business proprietorship, partnership or limited corporation
  3. when the shareholder has moved from the trading area and has ceased to do business with the credit union
  4. shareholders who have ceased to actively participate in Rocky Credit Union, but continue to reside in the trading area (subject to a one-year waiting period)
  5. shareholders who are under the age of eighteen years
  6. shareholdings where the shares have accumulated in reference to a trust account for a minor where the trust account is being liquidated
  7. shareholdings where the shares have accumulated to a balance over and above the cap set by the Board of Directors
  8. shareholder has reached the age of 60 (subject to retention of 5 shares)


You can always contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 403.845.2861.

If you would like to leave us any feedback, both positive or negative, please do so through our Feedback Page.

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