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Becoming a member at Rocky Credit Union is now easier than ever!

You can now apply for a membership online.  Being a member of Rocky Credit Union means you are entitled to exclusive benefits, such as member participation, a 100% deposit guarantee, and Profit Sharing.  For more information, please visit the Member/Owner Information page.

To start the process of becoming a member please visit our Membership Application Request page.  Once you have completed the application we will contact you within 2 business days to begin the next steps of your application.    

Here are some things you need for your application to be completed.

·         Be 18 years of age or older

·         Provide valid mailing address and legal land location.

·         Have two pieces of valid government issued ID (one must be photo)

·         Purchase 5 common shares.  Value $1 per share.

·         Social Insurance Number


Become a Rocky Credit Union member today and take advantage of our wide range of financial expertise, excellent service and much more.  

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